Mad about Han Solo (ewokqueen) wrote,
Mad about Han Solo

Vell, vell, vell! I finally come back online and they've changed everything! Oh, well, changes are a part of life.

Finally settled back down on Endor... bla bla bla, and so on with my little Star Wars role-playing life.

Elmer and Chewie both escaped this morning... I had to drive with Nate all the way to the Bigfoot gas station because somehow our silly dogs ended up there. So that was how my day was spent... chasing them. Vic's moved out of the house again, which made me really sad... I'm seriously considering going to live with him, even though if I do, poor dad will be all alone with the other 4 brothers and all the male hormones... ha ha. And also, I'd really miss Nate. I really miss Vic as it is, and some people think it's dumb for me to live with him- he's 19, and he's got his own life. But ever since Mom died, he's said I can come stay with him any time. So... what to do? Huh? I just dunno.

Geep, didn't mean to go into the entire family history here... but sometimes it's good to get it off my chest.
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