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I think that livejournal should come up with a list of "dislikes". If they did, I would put "brothers" on it first.

No, I don't mean Luke! I adore him, but he's just my role-playing brother. Real life brothers are so much worse- especially when they come in large numbers.

Nate just read this over my shoulder and laughed. I love Nate and Bailey, but my older brothers are just pests. I watched A New Hope today, which is so my favorite, and KC sat with me and made fun of it the whole time!! And then Vic started complaining that he needed to watch his football game and Jeff put his feet in my lap until I got so annoyed at their teasing that I spent the rest of the night in my room, thoroughly not enjoying Star Wars.

Now Vic just read this over my shoulder and started teasing me again. Can't I ever get any privacy?! No, he just said. Five brothers is too many.
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